Saturday, September 29, 2007

喜中林 D' Alamanda, Block A, 20th Floor.

Bird View of Swimming Pool from Lift Area
Main Door
Entrance + Living Room
Dining Room
Corridor to Rooms
Intercom to Security
Guest Toilet
Utility Room
Room 2
Master Bedroom - Part I
Master Bedroom - Part II
Toilet in Master Bedroom
Kitchen - Part I
Kitchen - Part II
Kitchen - Part III
Air Cond placement Area
Floor Plan


Anonymous said...

look like the bathroom and kitchen is very small , right ? i bought a unit in city tower only 918 Sf . Can't imagine if my bathroom is smaller than this .. haha. Anyway my friend bought a unit of 916 SF in tower A and she told me that she was very disappointed after seeing the house. what do you think ?

程飛 said...

Overall, We're (future-wife-to-be and I) quite satisfied. =)
Hmm. . .maybe we have difference requirements or look for difference perspective.

Our type is 1129sf.
I wonder whether the space go to Yard, Balcony, toilets and A/C placement area. Because these areas look spacious to me.

The kitchen quite large or at least adequate space, according to my future wife-to-be. I can't shot the whole picture of it from the place I can stand and because it's covered with wall. (See the floor plan at the end of this blog entry.) Updated with additional photos for Kitchen. Hopefully you can see the width and depth of the kitchen clearly. Check it out! ;)

If the developer need to standardize the appearance of the building, mean the built-up size actually deduct from Balcony and Yard. Size left for smaller built-up size may seem not adequate. Not sure, other type.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your's reply wo.. maybe just like what you said is depend of own requirement. anyway i going to view my friend's unit this sunday..Hopefully not that small like what she said ..haha and my friend did tell me that the biggest space of her unit is balcony and yard also. but i saw in your's picture , the yard is only partially buit . mean you might need to put on a grill for safety purpose.i will take some photo also on this sunday

程飛 said...

You're welcome!
Anyway, we may be community there. ;)

I will go again this SAT morning for defect inspection.

If you manage to come over, you're welcome to pay me a visit :)

Plan to install a cage-like grill in the yard there. So the kitchen door and window no need to install an additional one.

According to the Home Owner Manual, the color and design must be same with current that installed on the main entrance. Approval is required.

Anonymous said...

oh.. must be a same design oh with the entrance one ..haha they really know how to make money oh..

Anonymous said...


I also bought a unit at D' Alamanda, but very upset about their poor workmanship and quality of material. Any apparent defect on your unit? I do not think it is worth for the value. When are you moving in? Can post photos if you have done any renovation?

Anonymous said...

The ceiling height should be 10 ft, right as being informed by the sale person last time

程飛 said...
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程飛 said...

So far all just small defects for my unit. What material used that you're not satisfy of its quality?

I'll not move in that soon, maybe 6 months to 1 year later when I get marry. Meanwhile will look for tenant.

If not mistaken, the ceiling is 9-10ft height.

Anonymous said...

a lot of defects:-
have some dark smudges (like water mark 水印) on the bedroom which cannot remove by floor washing liquid. Floor tiles for living room also have dirty mark.

The ceiling, wall is uneven and overlapping paint.

Rusted Door and window hinges

Think and small paint on the edges of the door frame

Upset when close inspection made.

Anonymous said...

BTW, how much U want to rent out?

Anonymous said...

If U want to rent out, please get the in house agent, they will find good tenant for you. not those agent standing at the groud floor, ah ma ah gou also find for you.

程飛 said...

Anything you not satisfy just fill in the defect form. They will get it done.

Some of the paint of the wall uneven, we requested for repaint and it looks better now. ;)

You bought which block/floor/type?
Make sure it's not water leaking.
To play safe, do ask them to check for you. So far they have done the job well for me. :)

According to the agent, the rental will be around 1-1.2K for my unit.

Anonymous said...

Please also check you ceiling whether have any water mark due to heavy rain on deepavali which an owner at 20th floor complain about this and 21st floor owner said her unit flooded.

Anonymous said...

How to check water leaking?

程飛 said...

Pay attention to your ceiling and wall. See whether got abnormal stain come from the top that dirt the wall/ceiling. :)

Just went this morning, so far so good.

Anonymous said...

i've submitted 3 defect form, one more to go. After fixing the lighting, more defect reveal, before cleaning the floor, they said all the dark stain can be removed but i hv tried and failed.

Anonymous said...

May be U R lucky, my unit is facing swimming pool and the kitchen, yard, bathroom of the masterbedroom and utility room are in the dark if not fixing light, i wonder how can they work in the dark and as a result, the workmanship is poor.

程飛 said...

Lower floor lack of light source, looks dark. Ya, my unit facing outside, better view and air ventilation.

Try to use acid on the tiles or ask them to clean or change the tile for you if it's looking bad. :)

Anonymous said...

the floor tiles have to be changed and now hv to wait for the tiles from Vietnam. Why i am so unlucky.

程飛 said...

All the tiles or just few of it?
When you plan to move in?

Everything will be alright soon.
Take it easy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hv your unit rented out?

Do U know when are we have our own committee, a lot of things need to be improved but without our own committee members, the management will not do anything.

程飛 said...

Plan changed.
I may move in earlier instead of rent out.

Is it? Occupancy rate not that high yet maybe hard to form our own committee.

Yeah, together we make our living better. ;)

Anonymous said...

When are you moving in?

程飛 said...

Most probably after CNY.

ET said...

Hi, ET here. I bought a 918 SQFT unit for Phase 2.I would like to join your committee if there is any :)

程飛 said...

Stay tune for the community website to be up by the developer. ;)

Fiyaloh said...


程飛 said...


Personally No.

The management has published the notice to remind those tenants because it's against the Condo Rules and Regulation. :)

Anonymous said...

門牌稅 problem when will get the answer oh?

Anonymous said...

門牌稅matter when will get answer? i saw in newspaper ....

Fiyaloh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
程飛 said...

That matter I think take time to resolve. If you got the letter from DBKL already, go to the condo management office and fill up ur feedback and details.

As a good resident, we need to adhere the rules and regulations of the condo. If not, maybe complain by other residents there.

As a pet lover, of course u need to take good care of ur lovely pet. ;)

My suggestion is, rent out the unit for long term if you can't move in. ROI there not bad. Another source of income or at least cover ur monthly repayment to ur home loan. Be a good landlord, another role for u ;)

Anonymous said...

are you going for the hearing tomorrow?

程飛 said...

According to the Condo management, Cheras DAP will represent the residents to DBKL for the hearing. :)

So stay tuned. ;)

Anonymous said...

so we no need to go? according to the Ad hoc or Pro temp committee, they want as many as us to attend. If we don attend, if DBKL reduce the rate, will it benefit us or those attending only.

Anonymous said...

No need to go? I thought they ask as many of us to go and meet at lobby at 10.45 am

程飛 said...

Last Sat, I went to management office and ask whether we need to attend, if yes, then I 'll apply leave.

Then Teo (the manager if not mistaken) said no need. DAP Cheras will represent us. If reduction is granted, it'll apply to all. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, IC, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hv you move in?

程飛 said...

Just started renovation last Fri. Hopefully can move in 1-2mths later. How about u? :)

Anonymous said...

Can post you renovation photo up. How much is the renovation cost? and what will you do?

I rented out my unit.

程飛 said...


As I said, just started last Fri.
So nothing on photos yet.

Just some light and simple renovation. Wiring, install lights and fans, kitchen and cabinets. :)

Wendy said...

hi, Mr. 程飛 and Mr/Ms Anonymous. I would like to rent a small unit in D'alamanda condo. Any unit available? thx...

程飛 said...

I'll move in to my unit.

You try to call them, they hv appointed agent to handle the rental of the units for those owner whose wish to rent out their units. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, hv U moved in to ur unit?
How is the environment there?
Did U do any renovation, can share with us the work that U have done?

程飛 said...

Not yet. I guess within next 2-4 weeks.

The environment should be not bad. :)

Windy even at a hot afternoon, without aircon. Maybe I'm at 20th Floor and not facing the pool side.

Quiet, after the official renovation hours and on Sun/Public Holidays.

You can go for a movie at the mini theatre, 3 movies will on show each day, gym, swimming, mini library or internet room, etc.

Just some very basic renovation that necessary. Pls refer my previous two replies. ;)

agnes1437 said...

Hi, Agnes here. Just read through your blog. And I got ET bought a unit with 918 sq. ft. I wonder how much is the price? OR anyone know about the availability for the floor plan? I plan to buy a unit there with my bf. Anyway, nice to know this pare. :)

程飛 said...

Not sure about the selling price and availability now.

Maybe you can contact the developer.
More info can be found here.

The 2nd and final phase will be delivered by this yr. :)

agnes1437 said...

So 程飛,have you moved in to your new house? Erm, can you show the picture or the squash court? I just called to the sales office, the gal told me that 918 is sold out and those available is start from 1097, don't know real or not. I think I will try to get some advise from preoperty agent or walk-in to the office myself.

程飛 said...

Probably I will move in next month.
There are 18 facilities available.
You can find the photos of those facilities here.

There are 2 Squash Courts, Pool, Snooker + Pub room, Karaoke Rooms x3 and a Mini Theather photos still not captured yet.

agnes1437 said...

Already done the renovation? Snap some picture and post it here. :)

Erm, I already voew through the picture about the facilities.

And I believe that some property agent must have some unit to sell on hand. sighh...

程飛 said...

Ya, just done the renovation. Busy on looking suitable furniture, etc for mix and match.

Stay tune! Will post the photos soon. :)

Yeah, I guess so. Bcoz always recv call fr agent whether I wan to rent/sell my condo unit or not. =Þ Many ppl are interested bcoz of it strategic location.

agnes1437 said...

haha! Just talk on the phone with one of my friend. She advised me to make a call to a inner sales person. I think I prefer buy directly with developer sales.

And..erm, 4-7 Sept, there is a Furniture Fair will hold at KL convention centre. Maybe this is the right time for you to go around there and grab your stuffs in cheap price!! :D

程飛 said...

Buy directly from the Developer should b cheaper at their selling price.

From agent, may need to incur profit from the reseller, commission, etc.

Thanks for the information. :)

Irnee said...

Hi, i am looking for a 2 rooms or 3 rooms unit to rent. Please email me at if available. Thanks

e=mc2 said...

Hi there

I bought a unit in City Tower with some fittings package which cost around MYR380k. When I first walked into my unit, I was shocked to see the poor finishing on all the walls. The rendering was so uneven. They use such cheapskate paint that you could brush them off with a swipe of your bare hands. Those kitchen cabinets that are shown in their showroom looks quite impressive but when I got mine, I had to submit so many complaints. The color matching was totally gross. They should at least consult us on color selection. As for the wardrobe in the master bedroom, it did not go all the way to the ceiling. I need to top it up in order to make it look more presentable. Wardrobe...might as well call it cupboard. The aircon package was also disappointing. The trunking goes thru' one room to another and it is not concealed. The finishing is so shoddy. There are so many beams that you need to level out. Bad fengshui if your bed is located directly under the beam and you lose out space if you need to push your bed further away from the wall. Take a look at the carpark, the rendering is so poor on the ceiling and there are so much cement spillage on the floor. The contractor should be blacklisted and the consultant should be sacked. Discriminate parking is also a problem at the side road. The Management should have gated even the side road and make it no parking zone. Currently it is being used as an access road. At least it would be safe for the occupants and visitors to walk freely without worrying about being knocked down by oncoming traffic or snatch thieves.